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Reasons why businesses should not ignore sticker marketing in 2022



Happy new year! What are your plans for 2022? Did you already set your ambitious business goals? Do you want to grow your business and reach new customers? 


Then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will introduce you to a marketing powerhouse you do not want to miss out on in 2022: custom stickers. 


No matter if you have always wanted to print stickers for your business or have no idea how stickers can possibly help you hit your targets, we have got you covered.  


Below, you will learn exactly why you should give stickers a try and how you can make them work for your business. So buckle up and read on. 

  1. Low-cost all-rounders


Stickers are very low cost. Most sticker printers will only charge you for the material used and offer bulk discounts. This brings the price per sticker down to only a few cents, making stickers a very low-cost and low-risk investment. 


You might fear that their low cost indicates low quality. You do not have to worry about this at all. Sticker printing companies are more than willing to send you material samples and all relevant information you need to gauge whether a given material will work for you. 


Once you are sure that you have found your match, you can start sticking. There are no limits to using your stickers. They are ideal for product packaging, branding your packaging and shipping boxes or envelopes, creating window signage, or branding a vehicle fleet. 


This combination of low cost and versatility means that stickers are almost guaranteed to deliver a positive return on investment. See for yourself and find your perfect custom stickers right here:


  1. Fly under the radar


Did you know that stickers are one of the few advertising tools that are not seen as such? This makes them incredibly powerful because they allow your message to reach the customers on a different level. 


Our favorite way to benefit from this is by adding free stickers to every purchase. This means that every single one of your customers will receive a gift from your business. 


Gift-giving is a well-established marketing strategy simply because it works. When we receive a gift, we immediately feel the need to return the favor to the person, the business, or the institution who gifted us. 


Particularly in a business context, this is likely to take the shape of a repeat purchase, a recommendation, or even a post on social media. Great rewards for a comparatively small investment, don’t you think?

  1. Do it like the big guys 


Some of the world’s biggest brands use stickers. Just think about Apple and how a simple die-cut sticker, like the ones you can find here, completes their modern, minimalist, and high-end branding.


Actually, this is a genius move by Apple. Not only can they tap into the psychology of gift-giving, but they are also delivering the goods to stick your stickers to. 


American shoe company Vans does a similar thing. Each order contains a branded sticker that can be stuck to skateboards, their target market. However, Vans has evolved beyond the skater market, largely thanks to their iconic stickers that can be found on laptops, phones, or even lamp posts. 


There is nothing stopping you from doing exactly this. A simple custom sticker can help you reach new customers or even conquer new markets. At the bottom line, it surely elevates the interactions between your brand and customers. 


Are you ready to give stickers a try and watch your business transform in 2022? Or do you need more information? Then let us know in the comments below, and we will help you out. 


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